Top 5 Birthday party themes ideas for kids

Another year has passed and your little one has grown a few inches taller and several times more adorable. With his birthday right around the corner, are you still not sure what kind of party your child would love to? Look no further, because we are here with 5 splendid ideas for kids’ birthday party themes, any of which will transform you into a Rockstar parent!

Minion theme

Minion theme

Minions, the mischievous characters, bring a smile to everyone’s face and we’re sure a minion themed party will be a hit with the kids. The decorations, invites, dress code and cake can follow the characteristic yellow and blue color code. With a yellow undershirt, blue denim overalls and funky goggles, your child could turn into a cute minion himself. So, you can hire Birthday on Call  Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi Ncr.

Bollywood theme

Plan a Bollywood themed party for your kid’s birthday and rest assured that it will be the most talked about party of the year. Hand out masks with faces of famous Indian actors on them. Children can take pictures and videos of them narrating popular Bollywood dialogues with the masks in a photo booth. Make a montage and send to their parents so they can keep a reminder of what a blast the party was!

Crayon theme

Is your kid interested in arts and crafts? Then what would be a better option than a crayon or art themed party!? Make colorful decorations and invites for the party and keep a solid color dress code for the kids. A rainbow-colored cake would catch all eyes at the party. Spread out some art supplies such as colors and papers if you have the space and time for a relaxing free flow art session for the little ones! Send them back with their masterpieces as return gifts!

Superhero theme

Let pint sized superheroes fly free in a superhero themed party! The kids would get a chance to dress up as their favorite superhero. The cake could capture your little one’s personal choice. You could set up a photobooth, giving the kids a chance to show off their costumes.

Emoji theme

Emoji themed party can be a cute festival of your child’s birthday. From decorations to cake, almost everything can be customized to an emoji theme.  The invites could be in the form of a messenger panel, where all the details of the party are represented with emojis! Send back with the kids, DIY emoji masks as return gift which they could make themselves during the party.



A Taco Birthday Cake? That’s Unique

First we need to know what taco is. A taco is a traditional dish of Mexico food made of corn or wheat. The base is made up of wheat or corn and the stuffing inside consists of the basil leaves cheese etc. When enjoyed with ketchup and mustard souse.

Well that’s enough of taco but have you ever heard of taco cake. That is something that you have never heard of. You might have heard of the dumplings cake, but taco seriously!  Well its true people were earlier celebrating the taco Tuesday and now taco cake.

Matt Overton has made this thing possible to create a cake that consists of less calories and healthy. The sweetness of the cake consists of the extra calories that is not at all good for health. This cake is made up of the components that are heavy stuff but the calories are really less in it. So, the health conscious people or the people go to gym its good news for them.

This cake was made for Matt Overton’s 3oth birthday party and now one can enjoy the low calorie birthday cake with the traditional touch in it.

Recently Matt Overton celebrated his 31th birthday and you can guess what can be there in his cake. More tacos, crunch wraps, and burritos. This time he twitted the photograph and dam. It got huge response. It’s now been two years that he is celebrating his birthday with special taco the traditional cake in his own way. Which is of less calories and great taste.

So anyone around interested in body building and making a birthday in traditional way can really enjoy this cake. What all will be the benefits:

  • Traditional touch to the birthday
  • A different form of celebration
  • Taste is different from the normal sweet cream cakes
  • Low calories consumption making one healthy
  • Benefited for fat people
  • Even the gym going people can enjoy it in birthdays without losing diet chart.

So don’t wait join the taco cake squad. Celebrate the birthday with a traditional dish in a unique way possible. And Tweet out the photograph and the exposure of different birthday celebration. Learning something good and healthy is always appreciated. So celebrate enjoy and have lot’s and lots of taco cakes. Learn the way from   Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi Ncr and design the cake in your own way.

Birthday butterflies spare none!!

All of us get a chance to celebrate our being on earth, and each of us is very excited to celebrate it with all pomp and show. This is the day we were born and celebrated by all around us and welcomed warmly and pampered, captured, loved and what not.


This special day is none other than our birthday. This day everyone is happy just at the sight of you and they honour existence and being a part of them. Birthday embarks a new phase in life and each year it adds more and more colours to it. Every birthday keeps us demanding for more and more. Be it anyone, birthday month is the most special month on the calendar for everyone, however young or old. Birthday countdowns by friends and siblings, family members make us feel all the more special and pampered. Presents, games, activities, gifts and dance make a birthday celebration complete in itself. The birthday butterflies spare none! Its all about the cake, presents, sparkles and hugs. Life can be filled with so many topsy-turvy events, pits and peaks, and to say we’ve made it another year is something to be accredited.

All of us feel super excited regarding our special date, the birthday date of course. We want to toss confetti in the air and raise a toast to our existence. Expecting our near and dear ones to gather and be a party to the grand affair is too obvious and one of the heartfelt wishes. Being the star of the evening makes the feeling all the more special. That glowing smile on the face says it all. Those dozens of phone calls and presents and wishes along with the blessings. What more can one ask for? The wackiest birthday animal in you at bay is all set to rock the party. Be it your fam jam or friend jam or colleague jam. You certainly want it all. Isn’t it true?

We at birthday on call help to make it “Truer than true!”

Birthday on call helps you materialize all your plans and wishes. We are the best Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi Ncr . Our thrust is on actualizing your dream and making your celebration truly grand and eventful. As it is all memories are made and gathered just around the birthday cake. Truly the moment may cease here, but the memories definitely would last a lifetime.


Top 4 birthday invitation ideas

A party invitation speaks a lot about the party. When it comes to kids’ birthday parties, each and every small thing like decorations, food, party events and invitations are all designed by keeping kids in mind. Kids usually enjoy when things are made differently so let us see a few ideas to design different and unique birthday invites.

  1. Monster party invitations: invitation can be done with cute monster designs and the theme for the party can be the same. It will be fun to see the cute kids trying to scare each other in their monster outfits.  To make the party more fun kids can be asked to design their own costumes with the help of their parents. This will help the kids in showcasing their creative side too.
  2. Pirate themed party invitations– cards in the form of a small ship or the card that shows the birthday boy in a pirate costume will be a cool birthday card! The kids can come dressed as fellow pirates and games like treasure hunts, scavenger hunts can be organized. Since boys are the ones who mostly like pirates this design might suit boys more.
  3. Cartoon invitations– invitation on which various cartoon characters are depicted can be sent to kids. They can also come as their favorite cartoon character. To make it more interesting, cartoon based storytelling or role-plays can be played. Few properties that superheroes use can be made with eco- friendly materials and can be given as gifts to them.
  4. Fruit themed invitations– kids love fruits! Invitations that are designed like fruits can be sent to kids. Since we will not be able to know the favorite fruit of each kid, a fruit basket like invite can be prepared and sent out to kids.

These are only a few ideas that can be put to use to make the party an unforgettable one for the little brat!! You can also take help from Birthday on Call Birthday Party organizer in Delhi . The other kids those who are attending the party will also enjoy it thoroughly when the party is a themed one and not the usual boring birthday party!! So, if you planning to make an unforgettable birthday for your kid, then you should hire Birthday on to get more invitations idea or party idea. What are you waiting for? Contact them today and get more amazing invitations idea for party!